Open Education Resources Showcase Animation

Open education resourcesshowcase

Animated musical showcase of the De Montfort University HALSOER (Health and Life Science Open Education Resources) Project part of UKOER


Open Education resources Showcase

Image: Microscopy open educational resources.
Creative Commons BY SA.

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Content and animation by Dr Vivien Rolfe                                  All, public
Music “Powerglide” © Paull Topliss and performed by
Rocket 88 (Paul Topliss, Arthur Green, Doug Ebling, Fran Ebling, Vivien Rolfe)

OER Features:

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OER Description:

A feature of many of our open education resources is the use of animation which is a fun and effective way to help learners understand about many biological systems and processes. In fact, research shows that animation and text (or a voice over) is a really effective way of learning, and students love using these resources.

I love animating and in particular setting things to music, so this OER combines the two to illustrate some of the features of our HALS project.

The animation was compiled for “Open Education Week” 5-12 March 2012, which is a week organised by the Open Courseware Consortium to raise awareness of open education resources– that is the sharing of educational materials and the networking of learners and teachers around the globe.

The HALS project is funded by the UKOER Programme run by the JISC and HEA, and my work is also supported by an Open University SCORE Fellowship. SCORE is the “support centre” for open education resources based at the Open University.

Dr Viv Rolfe