Open Technology to Support Biology Courses and Resources

Phil Tubman is a learning technologist at Lancaster University and is working on the present Biology Courses project, and he has just delivered a presentation to “Psychology in Education” students on open education.

Biology courses talk

To see Phil’s presentation, go to:

Phil has talked about open education from the technological perspective, which is actually very important. An awful lot of material released to share on the internet is just in one format, and this not just restricts the “openness” and flexibility of the resource, but it is restrictive in terms of accessibility and availability to learners with different approaches and study requirements.

In this presentation he talks about the emergence of open working which was led by the “open source” community and facilitated by open licences. In parallel, open education is growing around a dedicated community of participants and is facilitated by the open content licence Creative Commons.

The talk points out to be truly open, resources need to be produced using open source technology and software. As a second step, it needs to be produced in multiple formats to greaten the chance of the resources being adapted and reused. In biology courses, we use these approaches, and further try and enhance the open availability of resources using search engine optimisation to make our biology OERs discovered on the internet.

We are very lucky to have Phil Tubman as part of our technology team working on this project. We will report on technology developments and innovations as our biology courses website develops.