Fast track automated blood analyser


Leicester Royal Infirmary Staff


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OER FEATURES: (video part of a bundle of 10 resources)

Introductory video (video 1,

Introduction to hospital pathology services (video 2,

Dealing with urgent samples (video 3,

Overview of the ‘fast track’ system (video 4,

Agglutination test for glandular fever (video 5,

Blood coagulation tests (video 6,

How to prepare a blood smear (video 7,

Haematology analysis (cell counting) station ( video 8,

Immunology station (video 9,

Biochemistry station (video 10,


I had a phenomenal couple of days out in the blood sciences laboratory in the Leicester Royal Infirmary. These resources featured their team of biomedical scientists and overall have produced an entirely unique, and high quality set of open educational resources. The aim for these was to provide training materials for their laboratory scientists, but also to share their analytical approaches with university students so they get to see the ‘fast track’ system, and learn about high throughput screening of patient samples.

The ‘fast track’ can be best described as a vast model railway, with samples flying around the track on ‘pucks’ or small carriages! Depending on the tests required, the barcode on the sample is read and directs the blood into a variety of stations – from blood agglutination, immunology, cell counts and finally around to biochemistry.

These are amazing resources and I am hugely indebted to the staff at the hospital, and also to the head staff within the Pathology Services department who gave us permission to film and release these materials under Creative Commons licenses.

More blood science materials can be found on our Virtual Analytical Laboratory website: