Biology Courses Project End of Year Summary

Summary of the Biology Courses Project

Well as the latest round of JISC/HEA funding runs to a close I have just submitted the end of project report to the funders. It is difficult to summarise the colossal amount of ground covered by all the people involved in the biology courses project:



Viv Rolfe attending a learning technology conference in Las Vegas, July 2012.


DMU Library – led by Kaye Towlson they have been looking at helping students find and make use of open educational resoures (OERs) to support their learning.
Widening Participation Team – led by Dr Angela O’Sullivan they have been working with local Leicester schools and collages to talk about open education and to produce their own resources to be shared on this website.

Midwifery – led by Jacqui Williams they have built their own midwifery repository to share learning materials and to provide staff and students with a one-stop resource to support their learning and teaching.

Forensic Science – led by Dr Mark Fowler has worked with professional bodies and external collaborators including the Leicestershire constabulary to produce high-quality OERs for forensics students.

Biomedical Science – led by Malgorzata Rekas, and working with Amrat Khorana, Marilena Ioannou and Ruta Furmonaviciene has produced a wealth of microbiology and immunology laboratory technique videos, and a series of educational resources on parasitology.

Medical Science – led by me Dr Viv Rolfe, and working with Douglas Gray, Graham Basten and other staff in the medical science team to produce histology resources, training materials for the Leicester Royal Infirmary and haematology resources.

Jonathan Crowe of Oxford University Press has worked with us to explore how OERs can benefit biomedical science text book publishing, and has provided the biology courses project with a great insight into the complexities of the publishing world and copyright.


Biology Courses Technical Team

All the technical aspects of this project have been overseen by three individuals who really the entire project would not have even gotten off the ground.

Phil Tubman – learning technologist from Lancaster University ensured that the websites, Moodle and the OERs produced are designed effectively, and has put a lot of thought into how to ensure all the technology used is OPEN and does not create a barrier to people using the materials. Phil was the Association of Leaning Technology “Technologist of the Year” in 1212 which was a very well deserved award.

David Fraas of 5 Heads Marketing in the US (available was the genius behind our on-line marketing campaigns and steered us through the Google Algorithm changes (changes to the way Google ranks websites). David advised on how to best market the Biology Courses website and how to use social networking and other media such as videos to promote our work widely.

Dr Simon Griffin of Webtistic based in Derby (available worked with David to put all the recommendations into action, and also built this website. We shall continue working with Webtistic to ensure the site continues to grow.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED and also to EVERYONE WHO HAS USED OUR SITE AND THE RESOURCES. Do keep popping back as we have many biology courses OERs yet to add.