Open Education Research from the HALS Team

The HALS OER team have had several recent successes in sharing their work on open education to national and international communities. This includes the publishing of research articles and the acceptance of abstracts for international conferences.

Open education paper

Viv Rolfe has had a paper accepted to the journal Research in Learning Technology which describes staff perceptions of open education, and their thoughts about sharing and using materials within subject teams, across university facilities and beyond institutional walls. The paper has just been published under an open licence (Creative Commons BY 3.0). When the staff survey was conducted, open education was new at De Montfort so it will be interesting to measure changes in awareness and attitudes that have occurred since the start of our OER Projects (2009, 2010 and 2011).

V Rolfe (2012). Open educational resources: staff attitudes and awareness. Research in Learning Technology, Volume 20, 2012. Available:

Viv Rolfe and Mark Fowler have had papers accepted for OER12 – the annual open education conference to be held in Cambridge in April 2012. Viv and Mark will talk about how to establish working relationships with external partners. Masters student Libor Hurt will talk about student involvement in OER use and production. Jackie Williams will talk about midwifery open educational resources. This years Open Education conference is to be held jointly with the OpenCourseWare Consortium and is attracting international audiences.

Mark and Viv have just received funding to produce a case study describing how to establish institutional policies to promote sustainable open education practices. Their work will involve interviewing senior institutional stakeholders to establish a vision for open education within the university. Through this we will continue to promote awareness of the practice of open education, and put measures in place to provide staff training and in particular how to overcome copyright and technological barriers.


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