New Biomedical Science Open Educational Resources

One of the HALS project objectives is to promote Biomedical Science to wider audiences through working with the publishing industry, in our case, Oxford University Press. The publishers have been exceedingly keen to harvest existing biomedical science resources and to work with the HALS team to identify areas where new resources could be developed. Our specific interests are to explore the tensions between open education and publishing. How can industry use existing resources if they are licensed under Creative Commons “non commercial” terms? How can publishers release their commercially important resources openly for the community to use?

biomedical science

Our work with Oxford University Press will produce OERs to support a series of Biomedical Science text books in their “fundamentals” series. Resources are already being produced on the subjects of microbiology, parasitological and histology.

We are interested to look at the role of social networking to promote biomedical science resources, and what the benefits to both the OER community and the publishers might be.

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